The Give Me an A Literacy Project


  1. Managing Director
    Give Me an A Literacy Lab is an enrichment program that supports literacy skills through digital media, technical applications, online platforms, audio books, and media resources. Students will engage in literacy-based programs that teaches skills such as website design, HTML & CSS coding, digital storytelling, and creative writing.
  2. Managing Director
    The Give Me an A Literacy Project is a reading program that uses a creative approach to achieving literacy skills by incorporating multiple genres of English and Language Arts. For students in grades K-2, the project focuses on learning the fundamentals of reading and writing to establish reading comprehension and reading fluency in emerging readers. Using the theme song “Give Me an A” as a reading anthem and a mentor text, young readers can use the literature as a guide and a strategy to practice independent reading. Students will complete supplemental, TEKS-aligned activities to further strengthen their literacy skills.
  3. Managing Director
    Give Me an A Mobile Makerspace is a portable learning center where students build literacy skills and collaborative skills on projects they create related to a literary study or activity. Students can create, invent, produce, explore and discover language arts using a variety of tools and materials. This program can function as an independent program or it can be integrated with other Give Me an A programs.
  4. Managing Director
    Give Me an A Plot Points is an interactive and multimedia program that teaches the elements of fiction using language arts. Students learn the fundamentals of great storytelling such as character, plot, point of view, setting, and theme. Students earn points by identifying the elements of fiction in popular books, graphic novels, movies, digital media, and comics. Students will apply what they have learned in the program by creating a media project, storyboard, skit, drama, application, or film to that reinforces their knowledge of fiction. The project with the best plot will be presented with an award or a prize.
  5. Managing Director
    SpeakBeat is a innovative communications symposium and literacy workshop that combines music and language arts to reinforce their learning of literary skills such as summary, theme, main idea, author’s purpose, mood and tone. SpeakBeat builds communication skills using oral reading, public speaking, improvisation, comedy, lyrics, poetry, spoken word, drama, and acting. SpeakBeat is a creative platform that give student a voice and an outlet to express themselves in a safe and supportive environment.